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Major League Baseball Announces Potential Playoff Format

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Who will be the new 'Mr. November' in the new potential playoff format in 2022?

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Major League Baseball announced that they are considering a new playoff format starting in the 2022 season that involves fourteen teams, seven in the American League (AL) and seven in the National League (NL), respectively. Could this format invite more fans to watch and attend baseball games? Yes.

I have advocated for years to get rid of the single-game elimination format for the wild card game; yes, a single-game elimination adds intensity to the inception of the playoffs, but it is not fair for both teams to play in this game when they have continuously played in three- to four-game series all season long.

MLB Playoff Format Proposal

- Teams with the best record in each league will get a wild card round bye

- Two other division winners, as well as the wild card team that holds the best record among the others, will host all games in a best-of-three format in the wild card round

- The two division winners get to choose their wild card opponents from the three wild card teams available

- The top wild card team will play the remaining wild card team that was not picked

- Three teams that win their series along with the team with the bye week will advance to the divisional round

Personal Thoughts

Earlier in the offseason, MLB announced that the umpires will be mic'd up during replays, which gives the fans at home a more immersive experience. It has been noted that we need to target the younger generation and get them to come to the ballpark or watch games on television but it is hard, especially with the NFL and NBA being more fast-paced than previous years.

With this potential playoff format, it allows an extension for postseason baseball where anything can happen; the season will also push through October into early November, which will bring revenue to the fourteen teams that make the postseason; fans will buy postseason gear, go to the games, watch on TV with friends and family, legally bet on games, and be enriched in playoff content. This is a win-win situation for all parties, especially Major League Baseball, where they surpassed a $10.3 billion revenue in 2018.

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