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2020 Charlie Coles Invitational Tournament: Everything You Need to Know

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. -- COVID-19 has taken a toll on all baseball fans across America with the absence of Major League Baseball. Rob Manfred along with the MLBPA came to an agreement to get the players on the field for 60 games in 2020, but not until the end of July. On the bright side, there will be a form of 'baseball' that fans and all people can watch from July 10th-July 12th for free on the official Chalk Talk Nation Twitch page.

Most people are reading this article thinking "what is the 2020 Charlie Coles Tournament" and "who is Charlie Coles;" Well, to answer those questions, it is a sense of nostalgia for Beechwood High School alumni, friends, and recent graduates who will be playing a variation of sandlot baseball, but with a catch; they will be using a tennis ball instead of a baseball and it will be slow pitch, which will showcase athletic ability defensively along with some moonshot home runs. For those who do not know Charlie Coles, he is a strong influence with our alumni, even though he left this world back in June of 2013; Coles was known for his infamous speech after his basketball team, the Miami Univ. Redhawks, barely lost to the infamous Kentucky Wildcats back in 2009.

Coles won MAC Coach of the Year honors in 2005 and coached the Miami Univ. Redhawks for 16 seasons. He finished his career with a 263-224 record. The man is a legend and it is only fitting that we name this tournament after him.



Four teams will be participating in the tournament:

Club Sandlot

Fort Mitchell Mighty Ducks

Fort Mitchell Flames

Wild Goop's

Each team is allowed to have a 9-man roster, but only 6-7 players can be in the field at a time. This means that there are 36 players that will be showcased in this tournament. All of these players have ties to Beechwood High School, which is a small community in the Northern Ky. area; there are former college baseball players, current D1, D2 and NAIA baseball players, as well as regular Beechwood alumni. The age range for the four teams is 18-26 years old.

What is the format of the tournament?

The tournament starts this Friday, where each team will play three games in a round-robin. The round-robin will start Friday evening and will continue Saturday morning. The teams' record will reflect their seeding position. If teams are tied with the same record, run differential will determine the higher seed.

Following the conclusion of the round-robin, the double-elimination tournament will start around 2 p.m. ET and will continue throughout the day; If need be, we will continue Sunday morning to determine the championship game(s). The championship game(s) are slated for Sunday Afternoon (TBD). Follow us on Twitter for more updates on game-times.

The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with the first-ever Charlie Coles Invitational Tournament Champion Trophy.

How can I watch the games?

This is exciting news for Chalk Talk Nation! We will be providing an immersive broadcast for fans not only in the Greater Cincinnati Area, but all across the United States! Fans can tune in live to our Twitch channel by clicking here. We will have a national anthem each day before the first game and championship game, live scoreboard, three to four different cameras, and music in-between innings! It will be a legit sports broadcast with Rob Rundle (@rob_rundle) providing play-by-play commentary. Again, follow us on Twitter, where we will post the link for games.

Where will the games be played?

Well, I can say this; the games will be played in one of the most recognizable Beechwood Legacy family's side-yard. It's located in Northern Kentucky and Beechwood Alumni have been playing there since the inception of the Original League back in 2013. The yard is not your typical side yard. There is a net backstop, the 'Jeter' tree at shortstop where you will see immaculate bare-handed plays and catches, a street right behind second base, along with houses in the yards across the street.

What are the rules?

  • 9-inning games

  • 3 outs

  • Regular counts - (0-0)

  • Any ball hit into the Jeter Tree is in-play

  • Any ball hit into the landscaping in left field is a ground-rule double

  • Any ball that hits a house in the outfield is a Home Run (HR)

  • Players are encouraged to wear baseball gloves, but they are not forced to wear one

  • Any bat that is not big-barreled with air can be used (i.e. wood, BESR, T-ball, BBCOR, etc.)

  • If a ball goes down a sewage drain or is lodged in the field of play, then it is a ground-rule double

  • Called outs are subjective and a majority vote from players will determine the call; if unable to come to an agreement, a third-party person will make the call - Broadcaster

Team Rosters

Club Sandlot

- Corey Cruse

- Goop Beuttel

- Joey Nussbaum

- Michael Craig

- Ethan Stringer

- Taylor Bergfeld

- Marcus Berger

- Jake Moore

- Alex Miller

Fort Mitchell Mighty Ducks

- Ethan Fessler

- Graham Fessler

- Mitch Kresser

- Devin Johnson

- Logan Castleman

- Jax Noll

- Jake Sherron

- Kyle Rowe

- John Randolph

Fort Mitchell Flames

- Max Nussbaum

- Colin Justice

- Max Shover

- Carter Richardson

- Jason Suchanek

- Christian 'Ducky' Sizemore

- Riley McKown

- Ryan Rengering


Wild Goop's

- Chad 'Tank' Nussbaum

- Grant Plageman

- Brady Sansom

- Aidan Justice

- Beefy Soete

- Tucker Thomas

- Austin Smith

- Jake Massie

- Brayden Burch

For more information, please follow us on Twitter. We will be posting game times on our feed with links to view the games. Please share and let's feel this sandlot nostalgia!

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